Animated GIF Creator

Animated GIF Creator for Windows

Automatically converts graphic files to GIF

Animated GIF Creator makes it possible to work with images and convert them to animated GIF graphics. It's a simple tool for those who need to change a graphic file automatically, quickly and professionally. There are different file formats which can be converted, like .jpeg, .bmp, .png, .tif, .tga etc. You can choose whatever background is needed and create a unique GIF according to your needs. Animated GIF Creator has totally uncomplicated features to make editing of the picture easy for everyone. Set configuration options according to your exact needs, like speed, frame and the number pictures to be included. Windows operating system is recommended for installing the program. Animated GIF Creator helps you create and edit GIF animations without any special knowledge or experience.

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Animated GIF Creator


Animated GIF Creator 1.3

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